Providing supported accommodation for children and young people

Experience the highest standard of care and support.

At Prestige Accommodation, we are committed to delivering exceptional services by continuously improving the level of care and support we provide. 

Our dedicated staff training and experienced managers ensure that our standards align with the national occupational standards for the care industry. 

We constantly monitor and supervise our operations to ensure we are fit for our purpose. Join us and experience the highest standard of care and support.

We promote different cultures for example, Kurdish, Sudanese, Ethiopian, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Albania, British, Irish, Scottish and many more. 

We observe their food, religion, clothing, music, mannerisms, and festivals. Furthermore, we promote their language needs by ensuring we can communicate easily. 

Emotional Support
Young people

It's About them


We use google translate, voice translate, interpreters of specific languages in order to achieve a successful understanding of what is being communicated.

We aim to equip our service users with the knowledge, skills, and ability, to take as fuller control of their lives as possible; thereby enabling them to feel more fulfilled in life through the range of opportunities offered to them.


Life skills training, education and career guidance, and emotional support..


Provide a nurturing and protective environment where they can thrive and prepare for greater independence.

Self Management

Together, we can help young adults achieve their full potential and thrive in their new lives.